Concept re-updated

Brief outline of documentary:

My documentary is based on girls’ body image in today’s society and how teenage girls are influenced to think a certain way. I will be interviewing someone who has been affected by the portrayal of certain body images and how they have gone to extremes to achieve this ‘perfect’ body that everyone wants. It will also show a males insight into the issue and get their view on it, while also showing a general overview of the publics point of view. The last perspective I am planning and hoping to interview is someone with a professional background, e.g. someone who is in the health industry. The documentary will also include aspects that have contributed to this issue and the background and evolution of body image throughout the years. I have chosen this idea as I think it is a strong issue within society today, I know many people who have been affected by it, including myself. Therefore it is something that I am interested in and would like to investigate further.


The purpose of the documentary:

To raise awareness to show just how serious this issue has got and how many people it affects. I want to show viewers the different types of views people hold and their reasons behind it. I want to express the importance of this issue to society, especially teenage girls, by exploring the topic in depth, by providing perspectives, background research and how this ideal image has changed over the years.


Ideas and messages I will be exploring in my documentary:

I would like to send a message out to viewers, in which will make teenagers open their eyes as to how this ideal body image is affecting society, and their lives should not be controlled by it. I want to show that teenage girls can be happy without having to have this perfect body that everyone supposedly wants.


How will the documentary appeal to the target audience:

The documentary is aimed at teenage girls. The documentary will show interviews of girls in which this issue relates to, giving the target audience someone to relate to. It will also contain background information from magazines and other media sources, with popular celebrities and social networking which has influenced teenage girls thinking into this perfect body idea. Teenage girls can engage with this as social media has become apart of most teenagers everyday life, and young women are exposed to the media and the portrayal of inspiring women almost everyday, therefore they can feel connected with the documentary as many aspects it includes, they will have come across during their life.



Consider practical details – what does your documentary involve in terms of:

  • Time

The documentary will have to be around 8 minutes in order to fit in all the different perspectives, the background and the issue of this topic. If I organise my time wisely, and use any time during school to my advantage, I should be on track in terms of finishing on time without being to rushed or stressed.


  • Research

I will be researching the background to the issue, and how it has developed over time. This will be backed up with specific evidence from magazine portrayal of body image, other blogs and people’s opinion as well as articles on the Internet. I want to get a general view from forums or blogs of people discussing this topic, this will help give me a broader understanding of the topic.


  • Personnel

Myself, and my partner will be involved throughout this process, as we will be in charge of camera work, directing, writing the script, editing, sound etc. it will also involve people who have followed this trend within society, as well as those who are against how body image is portrayed today.


  • Locations

For this documentary, one interview will be set at a local gym, showing the environment many are exposed to daily, to help achieve this so called ideal body image. Another location will be filming interviews with a blank or simple neat background, focusing on the interviewee. There will be small snippets of footage from a busy area filled with people. This will show the many different types of body shapes and sizes there are.


  • Equipment

The camera, tripod and any other special equipment can be borrowed from school. The editing programme can either be done on my laptop or the school computers.

In terms of transport, I will need to get around to various locations for filming either by public transport (bus) or using my own car. This should not be a problem as my partner and I both have separate cars we can take as we are unable to go together. Otherwise we can both use my partners car as she has her full license.


  • Releases

I will have to get permission from the interviewees, ensuring they are willing to and know what the purpose of the documentary is for and what it will be used for. I may have to get permission to use certain footage from online if I come across copyright rules.


  • Graphics and special effects?

I will most likely not need to use any special effects or graphics in this documentary. If I do however, it will be done through the editing programme that the school uses.

What problems might you encounter and how might you solve them?

It may difficult to organise appropriate times to meet with the interviewees as I will have to find a suitable time for everyone. I may have to work during weekends, as people have jobs and are busy also, or I may have to compromise something to make time if I cannot find any other solutions.

I may discover through filming or editing that my sound or footage is not the best quality to use in the documentary. As a result, I will either have to reshoot scenes or find better equipment that is more reliable and professional, producing higher quality work.


2 thoughts on “Concept re-updated

  1. Some nice ideas… Remember your target audience is also boys, parents and teachers…
    Can you think of a justification in your Purpose paragraph and idea/message paragraph as to why these will impact and appeal to them.

  2. With regards to your practicalities, I think you require more detail here.

    Try to think beyond simply weather and personal- think about problems you may encounter in making your product have audience impact and appeal!

    audience appeal and impact….
    What are some difficulties and problems that could occur?
    How would these problems and difficulties affect your film?
    Outlines strategies to overcome obstacles

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