Treatment final


The style of my documentary

My documentary will be based on expository style, informing the public and making them aware of this major issue in society. However it will also have aspects of participatory mode and interactive mode. This is because the interviewer will engage, interact and be apart of interviews and investigations. This will be shown be showing her on the camera for the audience to see. These styles of documentary all combine to give the best effect of engaging the audience to make them think about the issue and become aware of it.  The film will include having the problem of women’s representation in the media and how it affects and influences teenage girls in society today. This will be explained to the audience and ways of exploring in depth this problem will be investigated. Because the documentary is not just one style, it appeal to the audience more as it’s not your typical structure of many other documentaries. The narrator (interviewer) will make the audience become involved by asking rhetorical questions and directly addressing the audience to make them feel apart of the process and engage in the film. The film will include evidence from the use of visual archival footage from material such as videos and photos. The documentary will be structured as non-linear. This is because it will not follow any particular storyline. Instead it will just show the background of the issue, information and the use of archival footage while perspectives will be put in randomly to give the audience breaks from all the information, therefore making it more interesting and appealing as the film will be constantly changing. The mood of my documentary will be serious, this is because it is not a Mocumentary, therefore the information I am showing will be informative and hopefully be of use to people in real life situations. My chosen interviewees have a serious perspective to the issue, therefore their answers to our questions will give off that serious feeling to the audience, for them to experience. to further create the serious mood, any background music will have either a tense or sad vibe which will make the viewers think deeply. Because the documentary is focusing on how important this issue is in society today, the serious atmosphere will help contribute to making the audience realise this and even maybe try to make a change in the way girls are expected to look. The serious mood will hopefully make the viewers change their view on how girls should look. A serious mood can appeal to almost everyone in my targeted audience, this is because its an important issue and people should become aware of it, it’s informative and can teach people things that they may not have realised. There is a couple clips that have sense of humour just to lighten things up a bit to make the audience enjoy it more.



My chosen interviewees relate well to the topic as they all show and contribute to different aspects of the issue and have different views, which have been formed by different reasons. I would like to interview a range of different people. These include, someone who has been directly affected by this issue in society by going to extremes to look and maintain this ideal body. I would also like to show a professional point of view, therefore I will be interviewing someone from an anorexia clinic, as well as getting a better insight and understanding by interviewing someone who works at a chemist to widen my knowledge on weight loss products. I would like to get a general overview of what the public opinion is. Therefore myself and the audience can have a broader knowledge and see the contrasting points of view. One more perspective is that of a males point of view, this is a different angle as it shows what someone thinks from the outside looking within as they are not directly related to the issue.

Archival footage:

I would like to use and find access to archival footage for my documentary. This will support the background and development of body image in society. I would like to find magazine covers (primary sources) as well as snippets of video clips showing the significance of the issue. This will relate to my serious mood as the audience can see the development over time, and how there has always been pressure on girls to look a certain way. The archival footage will be used in-between interviews to break it up.


I will be using voice over throughout the documentary, as the interviewer will not be present in the film. It will be placed over footage describing the changes over time to the issue and providing information to the audience. While footage is being shown, the voiceover will explain and link the context to what is being shown. I will also use it when the camera is placed on the interviewee. An example of this is the scene of the world spinning. Our narrator/interviewer has a voice over present while this is happening. The content as to which they are talking about relates to the picture back on the screen as she is talking about how it affects the world. Not just teenage girls. This relates back to the purpose of making the audience aware of just how serious the issue is and how many people if affects.


I will be conducting short brief interviews from members of the public. The interview questions will be simple and too the point, and will be used just to get a broader understanding of what the majority think of the issue. I will be gathering opinions from random people from various ages and genders. This will be used to contribute to the other main interviews to back up what they think. The use of Voxpox means that the audience is able to get a better insight into many different views. The voice over has a serious tone and make the audience think with rhetorical questions, relating back to the purpose of raising awareness of the body image issue.


I will be using montage as a convention in my documentary. This will be sued to show the continuous transition between interviews and footage showing the development of the issue. I will also be including clips of Voxpox in-between all this. By using a montage it mixes things up for the audience and makes it more interesting. Because of my broad target audience, it will appeal to them all, as the change of scene keeps them entertained and engaged. It will impact the audience by making them think and realise just how serious this topic is, as the documentary cuts from many scenes, to give the best possible outlook on the perspectives, people involved etc. Therefore they can compare the different perspectives and decide for themselves what they think on the issue.


This documentary will fit well into the film festival; this is because it is suitable for a wide range of people. The target audience is mostly aimed at teenage girls, however the effects of body image on society not only specifically targets young girls, but it also flows on to affect parents, family, friends of teenage girls, especially those who have been greatly affected by this representation. Certain professions e.g. in the health sector may be interested in this film as well, as they may like to see different views on it and broaden their knowledge and understanding. The film not only targets teenage girls, but also can relate to boys as they also have this certain image in society that they are expected to look like e.g. gym junkie. Therefore the people of school students, family, friends and the general public who attend this festival will most likely be in someway appealed and connected to this documentary.

The films style means that it shows both angles to the conflict but also informs the audience of the dangers and extremes this issue is in society today. So the audience is still able to form their own opinion as it equally shows different perspectives, however has an informative, aspect also, which could in certain ways influence their decision. It is a serious film, which explores the affects of the issue created by the media

The film communicates the seriousness of the topic to the audience, making them aware and informed of different aspects of the topic and how it affects people. Therefore it is appropriate to the festival as it can appeal to many different people how can somehow be linked and involved (e.g. having a daughter or being effected themselves). It will shows the dangerous and increase viewers awareness and knowledge of the issue, however the documentary will also display how people do not need to look a certain way to be accepted in society. Trying to achieve this certain way of living will not necessarily make you happy. Because it’s an ongoing issue in society and many people will be able to relate to it somehow, it becomes interesting and informative to the audience, making them engage in the documentary, therefore it will be entertaining!


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